Welcome to Zoosbury exotic pet hotel and animal services homepage. Home of the famous ‘Zoo to you in a box’ animal educational programme.
At Zoosbury exotic pet hotel, we offer 5 Star hotel boarding in a secure and caring home. We are fully insured, DBS approved, owned and operated by David Riley, a qualified Zoologist with over 25 years of professional experience with all types of animals.
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We care for the following animals;
  • Rabbits and Guinea pigs
  • Small, caged animals such as rats, mice, hamsters, hedgehogs, gerbils, chinchilla etc.
  • Caged birds
  • Reptiles
  • Amphibians
  • Bugs, creepy crawlies, insects and spiders
We do not board cats, dogs or dangerous wild animals, however, should you have any other animal that you need to board or you need help or advice with then please contact us either by phone or email with more details and for a quote.